MTR014: IAF Assessor Sunny Walker Shares Stories and Tips for Face-to-Face and Virtual Facilitation!


SunnyWalkerSunny Walker is a master facilitator and design consultant with more than 40 years facilitation experience.   She began her facilitation journey with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, or ICA in 1971 and went on to open and manage the Denver office of ICA.  In 1991 Sunny launched Sun Walker Enterprises where she delivers facilitation and training services to her clients.  In 2000 Sunny became a certified professional facilitator and assessor for the International Association of Facilitators, or IAF.  Today, in addition to her work with the ICA and IAF, Sunny works as a founding member of the Virtual Facilitation Collaborative.  The Collaborative works with clients who need to get work done in a virtual setting and who prefer to do so in a facilitated participative manner.  Sunny’s area of expertise is in the nonprofit, government, and community sectors. She works closely with her clients to bring them a virtual experience that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

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