MTR001: Welcome to the Meeting Tips Radio Podcast!


RKWelcome to the Meeting Tips Radio Podcast!  In this introductory episode I will discuss the purpose and format for the podcast.

I want to start with my pledge to you: I pledge to do my best to bring you stories, tips and advice, from the best meeting facilitators in the world; so you can improve your meetings, improve your career, and improve your life.

Here are the 5 things that I will do for you each week:

  1. Bring you stories, tips and advice from the best meeting facilitators in the world, to help you improve your meetings, career, and life
  2. Bring those stories, tips, and advice to you every Thursday
  3. Deliver the stories, tips, and advice in a format that’s easy to use (podcast)
  4. Make Meeting Tips Radio widely available through social media sites
  5. Provide you with resources and support to help you benefit from our successes and avoid our failures

Here are the 5 things that you can do to help me out:

  1. Listen to the podcast each week
  2. Click here to subscribe to our email list so we can get to know you and notify you when new episodes are available
  3. Tell your friends about Meeting Tips Radio by clicking on the social media links below
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